Understanding Website Over-optimization

Right From 2011 to this date Google had made two major updates in its search engine algorithm and also did 50 other minor changes its approach. The reason for these updates is to track down low quality contents and sites plus websites doing over optimization by means of black hat methods. If you are both the webmaster and the author of your blog , you would know how you do search engine optimization for your blog, if you are just the webmaster and author who leaves seo in the hands of consultants and “so-called” experts you should consider reading this article.

so, What Exactly is over-optimization ?

actually, i don’t see the difference between over optimization and black hat seo, but speaking in general, anything that involved the following is “over-doing it” !

  1. keyword density
  2. keyword stuffing
  3. bad inbound and outbound links
  4. cloaking and hiding texts and links
  5. setting up doorways [multiple redirect]
  6. interlinking multiple sites of different niche.

Keyword Density:

As is i said in my previous article about “how to write a high quality article” , you should consider using more keywords in your article, you should not use your keywords more than 3 -4 times in an article. There are few firefox addons and lot other offline tools for you to help in detecting keyword density in your article.

Tools like Seo Yoast can detect the percentage and warns you if you have more than the allocated amount. some says to keep the density anywhere between 2-3% or 3-5% but my recommendation is to keep it between 2-4% and do not exceed, since Google is changing these numbers then and there, its better to keep them low.

Keyword Stuffing:

Another “you-are-over-doing-it” problem is the keyword stuffing, probably you can avoid it by minding your keywords flow, use them twice or thrice in an article,  stop using the same post title as permalinks . keep in mind what keyword you have used in your title and url, while using Anchor texts in your article don not use those keywords.

bad inbound and outbound links :

I don’t know whether they are using these words “inbound” and “outbound” these days. Inbound links are the backlinks and the outbound links are the links that will take your visitors to another site. Normally the bad inbound links are the backlinks from a low ranking or zero ranked website and also backlink from a site not related to your niche.

outbound links or the external links that you use in your article to take your visitors to refer about particular information you have given, sometimes we use them, so that your visitor may know where he can find more. The bad practice is , linking to low PR sites, sites not related to your niche, harmful and porn sites etc.

Do not pay anyone or get money from any one to put links in high PR sites that is not related to your niche.

Cloaking and hiding Texts :

The reason why people do this very often is to make Googlbot confuse, these texts and links will be kept hidden from visitors and visible to GBots. The reason is very simple, they want to promote their keyword or link with out getting too much attention and to manipulate search engines. Keep your links and text visible for human eyes.

 Setting Up Doorways :

The thing about this method is that, a webmaster creates a landing page with lots of keywords and they do fantastic seo to make their page visible in search result page , once the visitor enters through the snippet, they will be taken to various pages and finally they will be landing in some other page. The redirect work will be so fast that you don’t even know its happening.

The reason why they do that is to increase visitors / pageviews for various pages or parallel sharing of pageviews. Google hate these kind of multiple redirects.

interlinking multiple sites of different niche

The online bloging business is turning out to be more profitable than any other business, due to this fact many webmasters create multiple blogs and interlinks them with one another no matter what their niche’s is. They also copy or rewrite articles and rotate them in these blogs to get more traffic and income. keep in mind that Google is using human quality raters to detect such websites and to nail them.

You must understand that, Google is not keen about one particular thing, they are hiring indirect and direct employees to help their search engine do better, tons and tons of algorithms and human eyes are going through every website and yet people are finding loop holes, though they could be lucky you may not.  So here are the few things  i wanna list, i am sure that many more points are missed, if you know any please share it with us..