The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners

Email marketing is one of the elements of a successful website.

It can be an effective source of steady stream of customers for a business. If done ethically and correctly, it can serve as a “money printing” machine today and in the future.

When you gradually build a list of subscribers on your website, you wouldn’t have to worry again about traffic to the site. Why? Because your subscribers are your loyal customers, and will remain with you for as long as you treat them well, by giving them useful, helpful and relevant content that will enhance their lives or businesses.

Why You Need an Email Marketing Plan for Your Business

One thing that makes email marketing exceptional of other marketing strategies is that it can be done on autopilot. In other words, it can be set up once and it will run automatically according to your schedule for as long as you want deem necessary.

For example, you can set your first message to deliver in a subscriber’s inbox immediately after subscription. You can schedule the second message to deliver few days after the first one; the next one can be set to deliver a couple of days after the previous one, and in that order.

Once you schedule your email delivery dates, you can live it and focus on other important aspects of your business. Can you now picture the power of email marketing? Ok, I got the idea. But how do I build a list of subscribers? You’re asking, right? Continue reading …..

How to Build a List of Subscribers for Your Business

The first thing to do before building a list of subscribers is to give visitors reasons to subscribe. How do you that? Write quality, useful and relevant content that will make people come back again and again to read whatever you have to say. The content should inform, and educate readers whatever you’re writing about instead of writing generic type of articles.

Besides publishing useful content on your site, offer a free gift that will entice readers to exchange their email address for the gift. A free gift in this context can be an ebook about the topics that you cover the site, a promotional or discount code for a product or service, free videos or anything that you think they will appreciate in exchange for their email address.  But it shouldn’t be something huge that will break your bank account. I’m warning you!

Also, make subscription very easy on your opt-in form. Ask for 1-2 information from subscribers – an email address, or a first name and an email address. If you request for more than this, people wouldn’t waste their time giving you their information.

Where to Place Email Subscription Form

Placing an email subscription form on a visible location can affect subscription rate. The best areas to place the opt-in forms are on the sidebars – left or right – above the folds, and below your blog posts. Make sure you ask visitors to stay updated to your articles by signing up through the opt-in forms on your website.

What Type of Emails to Send Out to Subscribers

The type of email you send out to subscribers can affect your email marketing initiative. Your email should be personalized, short, brief and straight to the point. If you’re tempted to send out a long email, publish it as an article on your blog or website and send your subscribers an email with a link to check the article, instead of writing a long one to be delivered straight into their inbox.

Personally, I dislike reading an email that’s too long directly from my inbox. I prefer an email that gives me a short summary of the content with a link back to the main website where I can read the full article.

You can send out news about your industry or niche, promotion, announcement of a major change or innovation, gift, seasonal or discount codes, quiz, product launch announcement, survey a trend or anything worth talking about in your industry or niche.

How Often to Send Out Emails to Subscribers

How often you send out emails to subscribers will determine whether they will stay in your list or not. I prefer to receive emails 2-3 times per week, with an interval of one day in between from my favorite websites. This will make people look forward to your subsequent emails provided you send them useful, and relevant content they can use to better their lives or businesses.

If you send out lots of emails too often, you risk losing many of the subscribers because people don’t check their emails regularly. If your emails pile up in a subscriber’s inbox, it will give them a negative impression about you, and could lead to unsubscription.

Improve Email Delivery Rates — Pay Attention to Your Headlines

Some email service providers have anti-spam systems that delete spammy emails automatically from peoples’ inboxes. Some don’t even allow emails to get delivered. An example is own by Google.

One of the things they use to detect a spam email is the title. Your title must not be too long, and should not contain words or phrases like: free, money, fast, sex, $$$, 50% off, 100% free, discount, don’t delete etc. Instead, write short, straight to the point and persuasive email titles.

Auto Responder Service Providers for Email Marketing

Now that you’ve learned the basics of email marketing, I want to talk you about auto responder service providers that can help facilitate your email marketing plan.

Aweber is the most popular and widely used auto responder service by many businesses online. Their service consists of many features that will facilitate your marketing strategies, they ensure that your emails get delivered into your subscribers inbox provided your don’t violate their email marketing policies. Aweber charges $1.00 for the first month and $19.00 for subsequent months. Find out more about Aweber here.

GetResponse is another auto responder service that some marketers feel comfortable with. It also has similar features as Aweber but not as effective as Aweber. However, a lot of people feel comfortable using GetResponse as compared to Aweber. They offer free 30 days trial, and $12.00 for subsequent months . This means you can experiment with their service within a month to see if you’ll be comfortable using it. Click here to find more about GetResponse.

MailChimp is an auto responder company that offers free service for a number of subscribers. If you sign up for MailChimp, your account will not be billed until you have 2000 subscribers in your account. It has lots of features as its competitors but can be a bit difficult to work with. But hey, don’t let this discourage you from checking it out. There is nothing to lose in playing around with it. You may find it easy to work it.

In Summary ……….

Email marketing can serve as a continuous stream of customers today and in the future if done ethically. And you wouldn’t have to worry about traffic to your website any more.