PPC advertising – A simple introduction

How can i explain ppc ?. i can keep it simple or complicated as per your requirement but the problem with me is that i want to keep everything simple . Maybe that’s the reason why i get plenty of traffic these days.

PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising

To keep it simple, Every search engines these days keeps a free space in their SERP pages either in the right or left or in the top of search results that is generated by search engines as per keywords used . That particular space is for business people or individuals who are ready to pay to list their website or advertisement along with search results .

In this image you can see Google had listed these payed ads in the form of sponsored result along with natural and non-payed results.

so, how its done?

normally these ad space is sold in auction. the chances of being in the top relies on the most bid you do, still there is a another factor called “quality score ” that will influence your rank in sponsored result .

Let me explain ppc with an example , consider your key word is “blogger” and your auction starts with few or more fellow bidders depending on the keyword you choose. The auction will go like any other auctions and say you have won and end up in an agreement to pay $.20 for every click you get.

if hundred people click your website in sponsored result and enters your website , then you have to pay $20 . so the amount you have to depends on the clicks you get , i hope that explains payper click .

Advantages of payper click advertising

  1. ppc can help you in targeting certain level of audiences . you can target them by geo location , time and even user segments.
  2. ppc can help you in measuring your ads performance . with this you can see which ad worked and which didn’t, so that you can refine it for better chances .
  3. this will help you, your business and website visible to all searchers searching for your niche  or keyword .
  4. no matter whether your campaign is small or big, you will get good result quickly and cleanly as you want it to be.
  5. the more money you spend the more visibility you get. since ppc allows you to choose time,location and many other factors to target, the wastage will be very low.

like any other PPC do have draw backs, but this will happen only when you haven’t planned well. ok, let us see
for first timers ppc is quite a confusing process . you should know what you want and what are the features available for you to use.
if you want a company to Do the PPC stuff for you, make sure that everything goes under plan and they are not pulling anything from your pocket.
if you failed to get a desired result , this will affect your pocket and you would lose lot of money.

other than these disadvantages ppc had improved a lot these days and thousands of business and websites are getting benefited each hour beyond your imagination.

this indeed a very powerful method to improve visibility but the problem is that they tend to backfire on you when not planned properly. Experimentation is another factor that you must consider in this method because this will improve your success rate with low cost.

Remember there is no such thing like secret formula for success in online marketing . spend time in analyzing and experimenting , this will help when you want to do it all by on your own.