planning your wordpress blog

Planning your WordPress Blog

A really important part of running a WordPress blog is to plan out exactly what you are going to do before you start. There are millions of abandoned blogs on the internet because a busy business owner started it and ran out of things to stay. When you take the time to plan out what you are going to talk about and how you are going to earn a living you never run out of things to say! Yes, there may be gaps from time to time as but something will always show up.

In this section of the WordPress training for beginners series I am going to focus on planning. Any blogger with the mindset to succeed will want to plan out some of the important aspects before they start. Below are four essential things to consider before you think about installing your WordPress blog.

  • Niche Research
  • Delivery System
  • Blog Outline & Content Creation
  • Traffic Generation/Marketing

I focus on these three areas briefly below and you will find more indepth information in my WordPress training for beginners series.

Plan 1 : Keyword Research

It is essential you never step into the business arena without first taking a long hard look at what it is your market wants from you, who they are and why they will buy from you rather than anyone else. When it comes to research see it as fun – you are searching for gold and getting the right keywords on your blog will provide you with your very own goldmine. So become the detective and have fun looking into potential keywords for your local business. There is more on keyword research as part of the beginners training.

Plan 2 : Delivery System

We already know that your main delivery system will be your business blog. Through your blog you will keep existing customers informed while attracting new ones. Well there any hundreds of other ways to earn your living online and as you are already running a business you might want to consider things like

• Affiliate Marketing (promoting a product for another company – eg a personal trainer promoting exercise bikes)
• Information Products – writing your own eBooks or audio product
• Membership Sites – give your clients regular content they pay for
• Selling your services – consultancy

I have chosen these because you can use a blog to help you promote every single one of them and also because each one can be developed using the expertise you already have as a business owner. There are people who only make money with affiliate marketing, or creating information products so don’t try to do them all.

Once you have your research complete and you decide on what you will promote online (if you decide to do that – you may just want a blog so that people can get in touch with you) you are now ready to set up your blog but before you do it is a good idea to sit down and plan your blog outline.

Plan 3 : Blog Outline & Content Creation

Creating an blog outline will take some thinking on your part when you first set out to create one but once done it will provide you with ongoing content creation ideas at the beginning which is what you need. You will be amazed at the number of people who set up a blog and then run out of things to say a few months later and of course that is down to a lack of planning.

By setting out what you want to include on your blog you can look back at it time and time again as inspiration for what to write about and use it along with your content creation plan to ensure you never run out of things to say.

Your outline really doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process and will probably only take you a couple of hours maximum. This is a short but important part of your business.


Plan 4 : Traffic Generation/Marketing

Traffic generation or getting visitors to your blog is so important . The thing to remember is that having a blog is not just about driving traffic to it, there are blog owners who enjoy 10,000 visitors every day who are not making a huge income.
Remember this is a business and what is important here is what happens to those visitors when they hit your blog. As long as they believe your content is relevant the first thing they should want to do (after prompting from you) is to sign up for your newsletter or to join your list.

I can not stress how important having a list of subscribers is and I prefer to call them an audience. This group of people who will give you their email address in exchange for what you are offering free will want to continue hearing from you. I go into traffic generation in my WordPress training for beginners so I won’t say much more for now.

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