Make Money Online – Should you Blog About it?

As you start out setting up your very own website or blog and eventually research and study the different approaches to making money online you gradually feel you’re becoming quite knowledgeable about the subject, especially if you manage to start making some money from online marketing.

This is the reason why many people end up creating blogs about the topic and with all the affiliate products out there, it can be quite rewarding if done right.

Having said this, just because you read alot about a subject does not make you the ultimate expert and this is quite evident seeing the hundreds of blogs in the online marketing niche that every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying it out with the result of so many similar blogs that regurgitate the same stuff over and over again.

Is it really a good idea to enter into this niche where there is so much competition and where the big competitors are some of the top SEO experts in the world?

Today I’m going to look at both sides of this argument.

Let’s dive straight in.

Why you should create a ‘make money blogging’ blog

Should I create a blog about how to make money blogging?

This is one of the most common blogger’s doubts. Some of them just start a blog about that topic without thinking and analyzing its consequences.

That’s why I decided to post some reasons about why you should/can start a blog about how to make money blogging.

Note that this post is about why you should or can start a blog about making money with a blog, I’ll write a further post about why you shouldn’t, so don’t make a money making blog like crazy just after you read this post, as not everything is wonderful.

Obviously that this is not exact, it’s not universally valid and situations can change depending on the blogger and its plan / market analyzing.

Anyway, it can help you to decide what your first step –choosing your blog’s topic- can be.

Yes, you should start a blog about how to make money blogging

This post covers reasons about starting a ‘make money blogging’ blog, but can be also applied to ‘make money online’ and topics related.

1) You should start a blog about making money because everyone will be interested. Who doesn’t want to make money? Except those who already have money –and even those, as everyone wants more and more money- will be interested in new income sources.

Who doesn’t want to make a living from blogging and working just an hour per day?

Furthermore, this is a great moment to start blogs about income sources as most of population is bankrupted.

2) As a huge amount of people will follow a blog that teaches how to make money blogging, the traffic is almost guaranteed.

Depending on how good your SEO skills are, you will receive a high amount of targeted traffic from search engines.

You shouldn’t need to be a genius marketer to also receive a high amount of traffic from word of mouth, as if you really shows how to make money blogging, your articles will go viral and spread all over the net.

There’s nothing better than going viral to receive traffic.

As you see, you will have traffic –hopefully-

3) Unless you do it for charity or just for fun, you will probably want to receive something in return –money, as an example- for those brilliant tips you give and share on every post you write.

Although blogging just for money doesn’t work because you won’t be really interested about what you write and you will quit blogging even before seeing a few pennies, there’s nothing wrong about making money.

The two points above stated that you will –hopefully- receive a good amount of traffic, and you don’t need to be Einstein to monetize and make profit from a huge traffic source, so, the money’s also guaranteed.

Little note: If you don’t know how to turn visits into money, this is not your business. Read the next post to get into details.

Won’t go deep now, but with that traffic you can use:

–          Affiliate marketing                              –     Sponsors

–          Featured sites                                      – Email marketing

I just named a few possible income sources. The possibilities are endless.

4) As you’re writing about ways to make money blogging / online, you will eventually discover old ways to make money that you didn’t know or new ways from new business that are starting and tell you first to promote them because you’re an authority within your niche.

So, you’ll keep learning from a topic you –should- be passionate about.

5) According to Google Trends, the ‘make money’ niche is growing, as shown on this image:

google trends 300x137 Why you should create a make money blogging blog

So you’re still on time to create your blog.

6) The last point is just from my point of view and experience, but when you teach others about how to make money, you’re helping them.

As the way I see it, helping others feels pretty good. It’s a great feeling.

I still remember the first time when I help an internet user to pay its bills using the internet say thanks to me. Was a feeling I can’t describe. Now, we’re close friends.

That’s it, those are the reasons I believe can lead you to start a money making site.

Remember, this is not wonderland and this is not as easy and great as this post makes it looks like.

Now, let’s play Devil’s advocate and look at the negative sides of creating a money making blog.

Why you shouldn’t create a ‘make money blogging’ blog

We saw several reasons to create a blog about that topic as it seems even easy to succeed blogging about ways to make money.

Now I’ll drop some thoughts about why you shouldn’t create a ‘make money blogging’ blog.

This part isn’t meant to be rude nor negative. It shouldn’t destroy your illusions either.

What’s the point then you ask? To save time and money for newcomer bloggers.

That said, let’s get to work.

Why You shouldn’t create a make ‘money blogging blog’

The main reason everyone will say is lack of passion and interest. But there are really more reasons:

1) Most of bloggers start a ‘make money blogging’ blog just because it’s a hot topic, without having experience.

What’s the experience required to start such a blog you ask? Well, let’s bring an example.

A math teacher can’t teach others about mathematics if he/she doesn’t have a clue about logarithms, equations, etc; right?

This is the same. Creating a blog on that niche means to teach others, to show them the way to a money making blog. How could you teach others to make money blogging if you didn’t even have a blog or haven’t made money blogging before?

You learn first, you teach second. It doesn’t work the other way around.

2) Unless you add more categories or make some research about topics that are niche-related you have a problem.

This niche can’t really be developed too much. If you’re thinking about just dropping a couple of ideas to make money blogging you better set up a website full of affiliate links and make a great SEO work rather than making a blog.

A blog is different from a website, amongst other reasons, because it gets updated frequently, so a blog without updates is just useless.

You can find several ‘sub-niches’ to blog about. Just make a market-research and check what people need and give it away.

3) The competition here is pretty tough. Plus, it’s too much competition for a small reward. As an example:

My google page shows 172,000,000 results for the term ‘make money blogging’. Looking at the Google Adword Keyword Tool, that keyword gets an estimated traffic –from US- of 22,200 per month.

As you see, this isn’t – in theory- the best niche to blog about, as there are a lot of competition and a very small reward for your hard work trying to overtake that competition.

4) One of the common problems you can face here is that you really don’t have something new or innovative to bring to the community.

We have a feeling that ‘everything has already been said’ and that there’s nothing new to learn.

True or not, you should think about what could you bring –usually experience comes in handy here- to your readers, something they didn’t know… To sum up: something different.

5) It’s not easy to monetize the traffic, to get a high conversion rate.

If you want to get a few bucks from your blog then you better know how to make profit from your visitors. You can find some tips here on keepblogging.

Anyway, if you don’t know how to monetize your traffic, how could you start a ‘make money blogging’ blog? Forget it.

Ok, the war ends here. Enough said.

So, you have reasons to make a money making blog and reasons to avoid creating it. Should you go for it or blogging about a different topic?