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How to Freelance: Freelancing for Beginners

In this article I am going to tell you How to freelance effectively that you can be successful like the big freelancers. Have you ever wondered about the difficulties that freelancers face.  What you should do avoid that while you start your career as a freelancer. 21 steps to become a successful freelance. First I want you to ask a question to yourself

Let me tell you what is freelance work?

Freelance means to work for a no of companies, at a time and it is mostly done from HOME. Does that sound good? Yes definitely freelancing is the most growing professions these days. Working from Home is like a dream coming true. No restrictions , No worries to wake up early. And of course you can work in Pajamas

So does that sound like you. Ask yourself a question

“Do I really want to freelance?”

If the answer is no then please close this page. If the answer is yes then keep on reading because it is going to take time to read and follow all this, and at the end you would be all set for freelance

You have asked yourself this question and made up a mind,  Now let me show you to set up for freelancing.

1 # Sign up for the Best freelance websites

If you have done the sign up on different websites then skip this and jump to writing about yourself

While you can get a handful list of freelance websites from fresh books, but I would like to give you my favorites



No matter whatever you say to me, but Elance is always going to be my favorite, Partly due to the fact I got my first job in elance but there are many other nice things about Elance as well. I am listing a few here


  • High paying  jobs
  • Perfect for hourly jobs with tracker
  • Escrow service is the best one around
  • The basic membership program is free and Very much workable
  • Very easy to use while some others are junk
  • Skill tests are free for basic members


freelancer is another leading website for young freelancers but there are some things I don’t like about it, You have to pay to take skill test, very cumbersome system of Points. I don’t like it at all a personal disliking while some of the positives are

  • Biggest player of the game with plenty of  jobs
  • Jobs that cover almost every skill in this world
  • Great potential to grow your business if you have a little to invest for tests

If you are a beginner and have other things to do as well like a job or study then these two are enough for you but if you have some more time and manage more than two websites then have a look on O Desk and fiverr .

2 # Sign Up Process

I am going to take an example of Elance here  and explain what to add in certain fields so that your profile

Firstly from the Elance home page you select an option It doesn’t matter which option you select here because you can hire and work at the same time but if you are signing up for freelancing then certainly a job for I want to work

Creat an account Elance

So Continue and you will see these fields

Sign Up form Elance


Put in your Email that you use frequently and don’t use the one that is well-known or public.


While choosing your password always take care of these things

  • Don’t use a password that you use somewhere
  • Make sure to use numbers and special characters in your password !@#$
  • Take a look of these tips from google

After filling out the form and if you are a beginner I would suggest you sign up as an individual. Choose a good user name that you can easily recall yet difficult to predict.

Make sure your display name is set to full

After that you got to another screen where you add the skills, Please only add the skills in which you are perfect or if you don’t know what to do skip it for now and move ahead.





3 # Choosing category to work as a freelancer

Next Question brings us to the most important decision that is going to determine your success, choosing your category. You want to work as a freelancer and you have skills like programming well and good choose the one suitable for you. But if you want to work as a freelancer but don’t have skills so what now. Don’t worry take a look on all these categories

How to freelance

Does anything come to your mind?

Do you think that you once learned Photoshop so you can think of some awesome logo  designs for companies. Go ahead choose design and multimedia

Or Do you remember that you are good at writing or you think that after some research you can just write it. Then why not just choose writing and translation.

Translations are also a good way to earn in the beginning, someone wants his content in your native language that is certainly a chance for you to grab a job.

So just think a little bit and choose your category, You can change it from settings but updating your category would take some time.


4 # Choose a basic membership

If you are new to freelancing and you should go for a basic membership. That is why I said Elance is my favorite website in your basic account you have so much that you don’t need to sign up for a paid account. And when you start earning there is always time to upgrade to reach a new level.

5# Completing your profile

Before you go on and start applying for jobs that are coming in front of you let me tell you it would be silly to that without completing your profile.

There are some basic things that you can easily do and complete your profile up.

6# write about yourself

Write about yourself, show your professionalism , skills and boost of your attitude of giving the best in your work. This is where you really sell yourself. A good description of your work can bring you some extra clients every month.

7# Add a portfolio

This is a bit tricky part, you need to show up your previous work in your portfolio, but what if you are working for the first time as a freelancer. There is nothing to be worried about just give you a job to make a sample work about your category.

Like if you are going for Design and Multimedia why not design on or two logos to show your skills and talent, It might a bit difficult for you to have perfection but after some time you can always edit your portfolio with your fresh and updated sample work meanwhile if you get a job add it there.

8 # Verify your self

Another mistake that freelancers do is that they just don’t want to be verified. That’s a big mistake, when your client knows the person with he is working has been verified by an authority. They are more likely to select you there is a small fee for that but I would recommend if you have some money just get verified.

9# Giving your first proposal

Always write a unique proposal for each job so you have more chance of being selected. Here are some points you should take care of while submitting a proposal

  1. Introduce your self  first
  2. Tell them about your past experience
  3. If you were a part of a forum related to that job just tell them about it as well
  4. Don’t give fake work experience , if you have done a job previously don’t hesitate to tell about it even if  it was a small one

10 # selecting a price for your work

You are inexperienced and in need of work, So first thing coming in your mind is to bid as low as possible. This is never going to work as clients are more inclined to have a skilled person, not a cheap one. So just bid according to the job and set a reasonable price for it. Don’t bid low , neither too high bid somewhere near the average.

11 # Applying for a Payoneer card

You have applied for a job and so most probably you will get one soon. So How to get money in cash with you if you don’t want to use it  online via Paypal or if your country does not support Paypal then you should go for Payoneer. One thing I tell you first make sure you fill in your details matching to your Passport or ID card as the Payoneer card is just like having a bank account opened up in USA.

So Apply for a Payoneer card  (aff) fill in the form and submit, Your card is mailed to you via post in your country without any sign up fee.

12 # Applying for US payment service

If you want to use your card to withdraw money from Paypal. You need to sign up for US payment service. For which you send an invitation E-mail by Payoneer after you receive your card and enter your pin. You can always ask me to sort that out together. If you are having some trouble.

13 # Keeping Up your profile

Now you have signed up for Elance or any other freelance website and want to sign up for some other website as well. Make sure that you keep only as many profiles that you can manage easily. Setting up profiles , applying for proposals, giving test and enhancing skills everything takes time. So make sure just give your best on one platform before moving to another one.

14 # keep on developing skills, to freelance

Online  jobs are of hundreds and thousand type so no matter what you can do there is always good to add something extra in your skills inventory. Make sure you should be a master in your basic one before adding up some secondaries after all you don’t want to be

A jack of all trades and master of none.

15 # Talking to your clients

Every sensible client is going to interview you before hiring you , make sure you ensure them that you are professional enough to understand the importance of their work and time. Just tell them I can do this job and would be giving my best in it, and sound professional while talking.

16 # Don’t be shy to submit a Proposal

If you think there is a job which is related to your skills just don’t be shy to submit a proposal. Just make a proposal and hope for the best, don’t hesitate.

17 # Joining the network

If you are working as a freelancer why not join the network of other freelancers. This not only gives you confidence and some skills but it would be a root for you to have more jobs. Often newbies are employed by Old fellows there giving some easy work to them. So collaboration is always going to work for you. The best way to do it is to join a forum Thanks for U printing Blog to give a list of Top 5 forums


18 # Ask a Question

Everyone out there is ready to tell his success story and how he has achieved just don’t hesitate to ask anything. Anything on your mind you should just say it. Don’t feel shy asking me anything in comments.

19# Be aware of scam but trust your client

You should be trusting your client because he is the one who is going to give you his money in reward of your work, so you should trust him and show some work before demanding anything, particularly if you are new.  But be aware of scam as well , be trustful but don’t be blind and if anything bad happens just don’t give up as Salman told other day

20# Have a 5 stars every time

Client reviews are important for freelancers so make sure your work is always up to the mark and you can always request your client to leave a good review if he likes what your work. Believe me after having 5 stars under your profile no of jobs is going to be way up.

21 # Sky is the limit

Do you want to know where you can reach by freelancing, How much you can earn. In online jobs only sky is the limit. Visiuals are more convincing I think see How much Matt earned in last 12 months

So There are no limits except the blue roof.

 And Putting it All Together

By freelancing you can earn more than an average job holder. It needs patience, hard work and resilience. I hope I was able to explain and introduce you to the world of freelancing,  Hope I was able to answer the question How to freelance?  Though it is never complete if you can add a tip from your side leave it in comments.