Affiliate Marketing Hacks: 6 Tricks That Still Work


If you are facing any difficulties taking your affiliate marketing business off the ground, don’t worry too much and know that it’s a phase that you have to go through to learn the secrets of what’s going on behind the scenes.

There will come a time when the situation seems too tough, and you will get discouraged, especially because it does take time to see any results, however I am here to tell you that eventually if you do keep at it you will manage to break through.

To grow your website and be able to welcome more traffic to your pages and see more conversions for the products you’re promoting, there is a set of rules and tasks you have to do and a positive attitude that you have to keep.

In this short post, I’m going to share with you 6 little tricks that you can add to your to-do-list to take your affiliate marketing business to do the next level. This list is in no particular order, so go through it and start with whatever tip you want.

Let’s get started.

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Use more pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

We all know this famous quote and we are all aware that images are more appealing than long blocks of text. This is why you should apply this rule when you’re describing a product.

People like to see what they are reading about, what you have to offer and how good it will look like.

Visualizing things will make the decision easier for them and will help them give a tangible form to what they are about to try or probably buy.

You can always talk about a service/product, but if you don’t have some pictures to show to your readers, they will certainly get bored and lose interest. And you know how short people’s attention span has become.

Use images to decorate your content and work on the design of your blog posts. The way your website looks will reflect how you see your business.

Images and videos also have an SEO benefit which will help you rank better in search engines.


Use a personal tone

If you are writing reviews and blog posts for your readers, consider talking in a normal and personal manner. Don’t use that corporate and boring tone when addressing a sensitive issue with your audience.

Be authentic, be straightforward and write your content as you’re having a fun conversation with one of your best friends. Don’t be afraid to say what you have in mind, and keep in mind that you can’t please everyone.

This is how you can win the trust of your visitors to keep them coming back for more of what you have to share with them. Because you’ll be connecting, building rapport, offering advice and helping them by putting your thoughts and experiences out there.


Use testimonials

This is an important part of sales because it creates social proof that what you are recommending has worked before and that it will work for your customers as well. People will always follow what others are doing.

Your client might be thinking, if he/she bought that and seemed happy with it, I should do the same.

Just don’t make the mistake of sharing too many testimonials, as this will only hurt your credibility. Provide quality, not quantity.

Real life proof of people that bought what you recommended and are benefiting from it is what you need to show your loyal visitors. People will feel more at ease if you add this strategy to your promotions.


Create call to action buttons

This goes hand in hand with my first tip. Visual concepts will attract more attention and clicks, therefore you should work on your call to action buttons or links.

Make them clickable and create an enticing “Push” buttons for all the products and services you talk about.

The secret is to be creative here, steer away from the dull “Sign up” or “Join” examples, and create something unique that will make people want to click to see what’s behind that button. Come up with something attractive that will give you more clicks and boost your conversions.

You can find some guidance on how to do this (with great examples), here and also, here.


Write more freely

It goes without saying that the best way to write is to find something you’re passionate about and use your own style to express it. Don’t try to copy other people’s work.

Sure you can emulate some successful writers and take notes of what they are doing and use that to hone your skills and become a better communicator, but you should always do things your way.

After doing this, start by creating some attention-grabbing headlines and a couple of bold subheads to keep your readers curious about what’s next and engaged to ask you for more. Remember what we said in the beginning about the attention-span?

This technique will help you overcome that and keep your readers hooked.


Introduce yourself

This is a critical aspect of your trustworthiness. Something you should work on when creating your website. Introduce yourself, tell people a little bit about your interests, your story, your background and your experiences.

Upload a picture of yourself and show them that you are someone they can trust and work with.

People won’t interact, ask for help and buy from a random guy hiding behind a nickname. They want the real you so they can trust you and do business with you.



So there you have it. A small list of, easy to implement, and simple steps to give your affiliate marketing venture the boost it needs. I’ll create a second list with more methods to use and more ways to see higher levels of success.

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