Hi, I’m Dwayne, a CFO by profession and an SEO enthusiast. A few years ago I decided to try and build a website, just something I wanted to tick off from my achievements list. What I didn’t realize was that it would be something I would get seriously hooked on.

Today I have various sites under my belt mostly affiliate niche sites and I decided to start this blog to document my work flows, but more importantly I wanted to give guidance to other professionals like me who are interested in starting down this road.

My guides are very straight-forward, simple to understand posts which are meant to hold your hands while you try and build your own authority site.

I will not get into technical jargon and will not give you difficult choices to make. Instead I will just tell you what worked for me so that you can follow suite if you like and get straight into it without wasting your time.

Yes time is a key concept. If you’re like me, time is your most precious resource, because between a demanding professional job and my family, the time I get to spend on my hobbies, including SEO is quite limited!