3 Reasons Your Readers Don’t Comment on Your Articles and What You Can Do about It

Have you been struggling to generate comments from your readers but to no avail?

If you’ve done all you can to get comments on every single article that you’ve written but no positive results, chances are you may be doing something wrong.

Why Should You Worry about Comments on Your Articles?

Comments on blog posts can help increase your audience. Comments make your readers want to come back to your blog to consume your content. Through comments, you’ll be able to connect profoundly with your target readers and build a strong relationship with them. Plus, comment sharing will help you generate lots of article ideas that you’d not have imagined. Can you now see the importance of comments?

Now, the following are the three possible reasons your readers don’t comment on your articles and how you can rectify that.

1. Lack of Engaging Content

One of the factors that will motivate your readers to leave comments on your articles is how relevant and engaging the content is. Relevant content is one that your target audience finds educative, useful, interesting and engaging.

You’ll increase the likelihood of readers leaving comments if your content is relevant and tailored to their interests. Starting from the headline, write compelling headlines that will pique the interest of your potential readers.

Ask intriguing questions in the introductory paragraph to hold the interest of your readers. The questions will stimulate their curiosity and encourage them to consume the rest of the article. Not only that, they might come up with an answer and still decide to read further to compare their answers with yours – the writer. Once they make it to the bottom of the article, they may want to share their outlook about the topic being discussed and consequently, leave comments.

2. No Calls to Action

When you readers finally make it to the bottom of your article, they are likely to share their views about what they’ve consumed. This is where a call to action becomes crucial. Encourage your readers to share their thoughts about the topic being addressed by adding compelling calls to action at the end of your articles. Make them know that other people might benefit from their insights. This will motivate them to leave comments before they exit your website.

3. No Response to Comments

Beyond the number of comments that your articles receive, replying to the comments may encourage new readers to consume your articles in their entirety in order to find out why the articles received lots of comments. They may want to be a part of the community of commenters by leaving intelligent comments with the aim of getting a reply from you.

If your readers us their names in their comments, mention it when you’re replying their comments. It might motivate them to become regular readers of your articles, and as a result, turn them to habitual commenters.

Comments on articles are a good indication of how engaging your blog is, and shows the type of people that frequent your website. Your readers have the potential to create a community of their own on your blog through comment sharing. For these reasons, strive to initiate comments by including compelling calls to action at the end of every piece of article that you create.