3 main steps to lose the fear to fail

As the title says, it’s scientifically proven that the main reason why business fail is because of the owner’s fear to fail.

That’s pretty sad, because it will kill a business (or a blog, in this context) even before it starts.

I’ve came today with some tips to lose (if you have it) the fear to failing.

I fact, I’d say that the fear to succeed also plays an important role on this subject, but we will focus today on the fear to fail.

There aren’t really tips to lose fear, or at least I wouldn’t call them tips, I’d call them advices, because fear is a psychological feeling, and it isn’t as easy to change as a blog design.

Anyway, whatever we call it, those persons can acquire some habits that, repeated over and over again, will make you lose the fear to fail.

These advices could be applied on others aspects of life, not only to business.

Recommendations to lose the fear to fail
How do I know if I’m that kind of fear or not? You must be asking. Easy, if you ever doubt about doing something because you’re thinking “it may fail” instead of “it could work”, you’re infected with the failing virus.

Let’s see which the treatment is:

1) Think about it. If the fear to fail is pulling you back to take action, think about it. You already have nothing, what could you lose?

You want to borrow some money but are afraid to get a “no”? Do you want to ask a girl / boy for a date, but are afraid to get a “no”? You do not start a blog because you think it may fail? You ALREADY have a no.

Your blog won’t fail the moment you write your first post. Try it.

2) Don’t listen to others. In fact, don’t lose your time asking others what they think about something you want to do, especially when it comes to setting up a blog or making a living online.

Most of them will say you’re crazy. Some of them because they lack of knowledge or experience, other blogger’s will advice not to do it because they’re afraid of competition.

Whatever the reason you’re holding you back, is just do it.

3) Going step by step. When you’re a baby and start driving a bike, you’re scared right? At least I was, I didn’t want to start cycling. My father told me that I shouldn’t, that I needed to go step by step, so he attached two little wheels on the rear wheel. I saw it wasn’t that easy, and after a few days I was already driving my bike as a crazy.

The same can be applied to the blogging journey. Go step by step, set little goals and once you get them, set up new and big ones, and so on.

Extra point: Get an example. I found this is pretty much necessary. Find a successful blogger on your niche and use it as a way to inspire yourself, whether to take action or to avoid quitting.

The person you choose has probably thought twice before starting a business / blog, but did it and succeed.

You can do the same.

How about you?
I was wondering how about you? Did you have the fear to fail before opening your blog? How did you get over it? Which tips would you recommend?