11 Things that can Kill Your Blog

As like any other thing Google’s growth via Blogger is astonishing, its the best platform for people who wants to start a blog without spending a cent . Once you get you hands on an adsense account, you can actually make money with out any investment. But like any other Google’s product blogger blogs do have few drawbacks which you would have learned it by now. The Big G had already did various alteration in Blogger and they have hardened few standards.
They are not supporting adult blogs [you know what!] as they use to do, they have updated lot of features that needs little effort to understand before we lay our hands all over it. There is no special plugins like the wordpress people have, stupid xml template system with furious limitations. Along with these , now they have 11 reasons to kill your blog just like that.

If you go to this page blogger help forum , you can see thousands of bloggers crying about their blog getting deleted. Lot of so called experts will make their own suggestions and ideas here. If you face the problem, take a look.

Why do the delete/remove a blog?

Its very simple, Google’s blogger do have certain restrictions in form of policy and if you violate, then you get nailed, no matter how much effort you did on that blog.This is the link to blogger’s content policy page, you can take a look if you want to know much about it.


11 things to watch out :

Adult content :

Google doesn’t want people to make money on adult contents, if you want to continue, then you must mention the blog as adult content blog in your setting so that blogger can warn people who enters the site. Since google wants to encourage positive experience for users and visitors, they don’t want you to use nude pictures and videos or anything that is not for all audience. Please don’t encourage incest or bestiality, keep it clean.

Child Safety :

They want all the blogs to be safe for children, they don’t want to see a content that exploits children.
Child Pornography is not tolerated whatsoever, not only that they will delete your Google account , they will complain to respective legal authorities about your blog and you will find yourself behind the bars for good.

Hate Speech:

Everyday i happen to thousands and thousands of such comments in several videos i watch in you tube, though they are not doing anything about Google wants it’s blogger users to keep it clean. Any speech against or supporting controversy issues will be put under scan. Do not write anything that encourages very bad things like, talking bad about certain race, religions , countries, etc.

Crude Content :

Never post images or videos those are graphically shocking. I have seen blogs with videos and images like people shooting others, beheading, gang rapes , public molestation, etc. please don’t post these disgusting things as they violate the policy right away.

Violence :

Don’t write any content that supports or encourages violence in any way. Posts like threatening others , death threats are not encouraged. Don’t write articles that encourages gang violence .

Copyrighted materials :

Google is seriously working against this violation in policy, there are like thousand blogs that copy pastes others material just like that and sucking all the traffic. If you are posting anything like this , seriously dude, you are in trouble. Recently The new algorithm reduces rank/traffic to copied contents and if you continue to do the same, your all google account will be terminated.

Personal and confidential information:

Please don’t post anyones personal materials like pictures, videos, address, phone numbers etc, without their permission. if they find out or someone complains about it, you will be sent to jail or your blog will be deleted[if not taken seriously]. One more thing is that if the information you are publishing is already been published in another blog or site, then this is not a violation.


Please don’t pretend to be someone else, never confuse your readers with false author name or pictures, if complained your blog will be killed. I have seen a blog carrying stolen articles under the name matt cutt bearing his picture !

Illegal activities:

contents like address to nearby drug supplier [trust me, i have seen posts like these], prostitutes etc is not encouraged. Don’t write articles that encourages anything criminal or illegal.


Please don’t write spammy articles or comments, Google is having several algorithms that can smell a spammy blog or spammers a mile away. If you find spammy comments delete or put it in spam, don’t publish it, since they want to keep the blogger clean, your content  will be removed or the whole blog will be killed.

Malware and viruses:

Don’t post links are contents that transmits viruses, don’t use infected js files in themes or templates. If you find your blog is infected , clean it ASAP and save your blogger blog.



Please write articles that is clean and decent, stop writing blogs carrying porn activities and stop blogging pirated contents. Since Google wants to keep the users experience positive , they will go to any extreme end and will take any extreme decision to maintain their reputation. Everyday they are deleting several blogs , mostly they get to know such blogs by users complain. if you find any blog that violates all the above please report. Thank you.