How to apply for UK VAT Registration

uk vat registration

The business organizations are allowed to apply for the online UK VAT Registration. The best thing is two or more companies are allowed to apply under the single VAT number as well. It will not only get you registered but also you will have your online account. Use this account to submit your payments and returns to VAT on time.
You are also allowed to hire an accountant that will submit all the payments to HMRC on your behalf. All you require is your UK VAT Registration number and then you can make your account online or use the other services.
When you cannot apply for online UK VAT Registration
You have to register through the post in case:
• You are looking forward to applying for the registration exception
• If you are the owner of the EU business that wants to start distant selling to the UK
• You have to import your good from the from the states that are not EU countries
• You are planning to move your business to agriculture flat rate scheme
• The business has to be registered under the separate VAT numbers
• Disposal of the assets that fall under the 13th and 18th directive refunds
Get your UK VAT Registration certificate
It might take longer but most of the organizations will receive their UK VAT Registration certificate within 14 working days. You will receive your certificate through:
• Online account
• Through post, if you have utilized the services of an agent or you cannot register online
Make sure to provide all the legal and authentic details about your business and bank accounts. For UK VAT Registration you do not need an authorized agent. However, make sure to submit your payments on time to the HMRC