How is website ranking done?

website ranking

There are a lot of websites that are present on the search engines. The website ranking is defined by the specified procedures of the search engines. Although the specified procedure that is used to create the ranks of the websites by the Google is still unknown but still there are some researches that are carried out regarding this. The combination of these researches has highlighted some essential factors on the basis of which the ranks are created.
How Google ranks a website:
The website ranking in the Google is done with the help of the different crawlers. These will then identify the websites that contain the quality information that is relevant too. The more the relevance is, the higher is the rank on the search engines. By identifying the presence of the quality material on a website, the search engines creates an index. Although the factors that contribute in the higher ranks of the websites are still unknown but the factors that are identified with the help of research are as follows:
• The effective selection and the use of keywords i.e. they are selected according to the subject matter of the website and they are used in a natural way within the content of the website.
• The structure of the site which means the way in which the things on your website are arranged.
• The next factor is the speed at which the site opens up.
• Time spent on the site by the visitors. There is a specified time limit each user should spend on your website in order to highlight the importance of the content present.
• The total number of inbound links that are included on the website and their quality.
These are the important factors that are assumed to contribute to the improvement of website ranking.